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“Specialists in national press exposure for SMEs and professional services.”

We help clients:

  • Aim to generate new business through raising the profile and reputation of their key individuals
  • In service businesses where the strength of their relationships and networks are their biggest assets
  • In sectors ranging from HR, recruitment, travel, property, business consultancy to personal finance and unique consumer products

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Media Testimonials

  • Lucy Tobin, senior news and features writer

    Evening Standard

    David Stoch is a super-persistent PR who always offers relevant stories and ideas that are worth publishing.

  • Linda Whitney

    Daily Mail

    David Stoch is one the first  PRs I turn to when I am stuck for ideas, case studies or comments from experts. David has helped me with many stories over the last decade and he is always helpful, efficient and friendly.

  • Alison Coleman

    Forbes, The Guardian

    As a Forbes contributor and journalist with the UK national press, I've known David for a number of years, and over that time he has become one of my most trusted sources. When I am on the tightest of deadlines, whether it is a case study, expert comment, or some key information I need, he always delivers, exactly to the brief.

  • Jayne Atherton, business and finance editor


    I have found David to be incredibly hardworking on behalf of his clients. He is news savvy and his creativity is something appreciated by me and other journalists looking to present sometimes technical or niche subjects in an attractive and accessible way. He is an excellent relationship builder with media which is now essential for the 'conversation' comms now required.

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